Pak China Relations: Areas of Improvement

Pak China Relations: Areas of Improvement

Prof. Zhou Rhong, Chinese intellectual, spoke on “Pak China Relations: Areas of Improvement” in an in-house session on July 30, 2008. Addressing the session, the speaker said that Pakistan and China should take substantive measures to strengthen the relationships between the two countries.

Activity: In-house Session with Mr. Zhou Rhong, Chinese intellectual
Speakers: Zhou Rhong, Chinese intellectual
Chair: Mr. Aman Ullah Khan, Chairman, Pakistan China Investment Promotion Council
SpeakerHe was of the opinion that both the countries should pay more attention to people-to-people contact. There was an immediate need to open new avenues to expand the cultural ties between the two counties. Mr. Rhong suggested that the governments of both the counties should develop a mechanism for Chinese and Pakistani students to learn Urdu and Chinese languages respectively.

“There is a lot of potential of trade in Pakistan and same is true for china; the reciprocal cooperation of Pakistan and China can lead both the countries towards progress and prosperity,” he maintained, adding that strong Sino-Pak relations had always been important, however, “in the present geo-political and geo-strategic dynamics, Pakistan and China need each other more than ever.”

Mr. Aman Ullah Khan, Chairman, Pakistan China Investment Promotion Council, while presiding over the session, urged the governments and businessmen of Pakistan and China to invest in the other country for their economic uplift.  

Sharing his views on the occasion, DG Khalid Rahman emphasized the need to strengthen the trade links between the two countries, adding that the elements intended to sabotage Pak-China friendship must be exposed.

He also noted that ‘images’ created by biased and exaggerated coverage in international media and lack of efforts and mechanism for proper mutual understanding threatened close cooperation in all fields, particularly the enhancement of economic collaboration.

“The access and availability of the information about each other need to be ensured by establishing effective channels of communication,” he maintained.

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