The Realist State and Delglobalization

The Realist State and Delglobalization

Policy Perspectives, Volume 8 , Number 2, July – December 2011

Nargis Zehra*



[Realism and its relevance to capitalist economy have been repeatedly criticized among scholarly avenues. This article is an interpretative account of realism’s re-emergence in times of economic recession and deglobalization. This view is based on the description of the anarchical condition of world politics where the state is the key actor despite the rise of other non state actors. The article attempts to build a case about the decisive authority of the state and consistence of state craft methodology. In the post 9/11 world of terrorism and energy crises, economic insecurity is hitting global economies hard; countries have to redefine security concepts and policy agendas. At this time in history, crisis is being faced by the most developed, post luxurious societies (Western Europe and USA). The unemployment rates are at their highest from Washington to Brussels for the first time since Breton Woods. The article builds the argument with the help of a case study. The principle of anarchy, power and role of state is elaborated from a realist perspective without downplaying the possibility that irrational states are present in the world that may misuse power, deny justice, miscalculate outcomes and cause wars. – Author.]

* Nargis Zehra is faculty member at National Defense University, Islamabad.

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