Revival of the Constitution and Judiciary

Revival of the Constitution and Judiciary

The first talk of the series of “Agenda  for the New Government” on “Revival of the Constitution and Judiciary” was delivered by Senior Supreme Court lawyer, Akram Sheikh, on May 24, 2008 and chaired by Prof. Khurshid Ahmed. Khalid Rehaman DG IPS presented the opening remarks at the occasion.

Activity: Lecture

Speakers: Akram Sheikh, Senior lawyer Supreme Court of Pakistan

Chair: Prof. Khurshid Ahmad, Chairman IPS

The veteran lawyer said that there was no concept of federation without an independent judiciary. “This is the organ of the state that acts as the guarantor of the rights of the citizens and the federating units as agreed by them and acknowledged by the state,” he explained.
Akram Sheikh    Akram Sheikh maintained that the system of federation could not move forward unless there was a judiciary with total structural independence.
    “The delay in the restoration of judiciary not only undermines the structure of federation but it will drown the country into the litany of crisis,” he added. Mr. Sheikh also discussed the position of judiciary in the constitution, its structural independence, and the significance of the restoration of judiciary.
    “If one sets an example of not being subject to intimidation, then the whole institution gets a stand,” he maintained.
    He noted that a corrupt judiciary could never be independent as it would have to side by the rulers and conform to their wishes.
    He suggested that deviation from the constitutional could be stopped for good by punishing the culprits including all the collaborators and accomplices even in the judiciary.

    The talk was followed by a thorough question and answer session in which intellectuals, journalists, academia and students participated.



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