PP-April 2005



  1. Global Peace and Justice: The Christian Perspective
  2. Ian Markham

  3. Educational and Cultural Cooperation: The Ethical Foundations
  4. Anis Ahmad

  5. Islam and Democracy: Some Conceptual and Contemporary Dimensions
  6. Khurshid Ahmad

  7. Setting the Muslim Mindset in Malaysia: Facing the Challenges of Globalization
  8. M. Kamal Hassan

  9. Religious Education Institutions (REIs): Present Situation and the Future Strategy
  10. Khalid Rahman and Syed Rashad Bukhari

  11. Post-Cold War US Kashmir Policy
  12. Ershad Mahmud

  13. Northern Areas: Perceptions about NGOs and Political Status
  14. An RSP Report

  15. A Glimpse of IPS Research

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