Nuqta-e-Nazar 30, April 2011


Nuqta-e-Nazar 30, April 2011


Nuqta e Nazar (30, April-September 2011)
By Dr. Safir Akhtar (Ed.)
Issue: 30
Pages: 230
Price: In Pakistan PKR. 250
Overseas US $ 25 (Inclusive of Bank charges)



The latest issue of IPS biannual Urdu journal “Nuqta-e-Nazar” (Issue no. 31, October 2011) has been published.

Nuqta-e-Nazar” is dedicated to introducing and commenting upon the newly published Urdu books in Pakistan on Islam, culture, history, the Muslim world and the related issues, and is thus playing a defining role since 1996 in developing an understanding of the scholarly work being done on the ideologies, traditions and the problems of Pakistani Muslims. The journal not only facilitates its common reader to comprehend the principal argument but also allows him an easy access to the available sources and authors. Dr. Safeer Akhter is the editor of this biannual journal.

The latest issue consisting of 230 pages, details over 44 books and magazines while including a brief commentary on 11 books; in addition, a dissertation on Moulana Muhammad Hussain Azad has also been made a part of this issue. As per convention, the index of the last ten issues of “Nuqta-e-Nazar” has also been included in this 30th issue of the journal.


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