Muttaqin ur Rahman

Mr. Muttaqin ur Rahman

Muttaqin ur Rahman

Syed Muttaqin-ur-Rahman is a Senior Analyst and Editor at the Institute of Policy Studies with a focus on analyzing public opinion surveys and editing the Urdu publications as well as the Urdu section of the Institute’s website. He holds a masters degree in statistics and carries vast experience as analyst and has worked with Prime Minister Secretariat’s Committee for Research & Analysis and Gallup Pakistan besides working with a renowned non-governmental social research organization. In addition to his qualification in statistics, he has developed an advanced level of skill in information technology. His affiliation with IPS started in December 1997 when he joined the Institute as Manager IT. He held the same position for ten years.


As a senior member of the Institute, he also assists the management in planning and organizing research activities. He has also got an extensive experience in conducting public opinion surveys; questionnaire designing, data processing and data analysis are his areas of particular interest. He has played a prominent role in Deeni Madaris Project and Capacity Building Project at IPS and has been involved in producing 70+ reports so far.

He is the co-author of Pakistan Religious Education Institutions: An Overview, IPS, 2002 and numerous articles including. —Northern Areas: Perceptions about NGOs and Political Status, Policy Perspectives, April 2005, IPS and REIs: Perceptions about Contemporary Issues and Developments, Policy Perspectives, Jan-Jun 2007, IPS.

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