Maghrib aur Islam (Issue No. 44)

Maghrib aur Islam (Issue No. 44)

مغرب اور اسلام- شمارہ نمبر 44: ریاست اور مزہب یورپی تناظر میں

Maghrib aur Islam:  Riasat aur Mazhab European Tanazur Mai
Editor: Dr. Anis Ahmad
Volume: 19
Issue: 44 (1st issue of 2017)
Pages: 131
Price: In Pakistan PKR 200
USD 25
Subscription: PKR300 (2 issues)
PKR500 (4 issues)
Content: Maghrib aur Islam (44)

Maghrib aur Islam – a bi-annual Urdu journal of IPS – is a valuable resource for understanding Western perceptions about Islam and building basis for constructive dialogue between the two civilizations.

This recent issue of Maghrib aur Islam overviews status of state-religion relationship in Germany, Poland, Netherlands, Belgium, Great Britain, and the EU in general. The selected research articles also present a look at the approach and evolution of laws that govern these relationships in each of these jurisdictions. When put together, these articles indicate that Christianity that had been ‘divorced’ from public sphere and had been struggling for its existence even in personal lives, has been continuing to assert itself at the state level.

The material translated for this issue also draw attention towards the constitutional and legal status of minorities, safeguards for preservation of their cultural identity and social harmony, and ways to protect originality and distinctiveness as a minority.

The issue also focuses on the aforementioned aspects of the debate in a brief, yet comprehensively articulated editorial written by Prof. Dr. Anis Ahmad.

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