Legislation on ‘Women and Family’ in Pakistan Trends and Approaches – III

Legislation on ‘Women and Family’ in Pakistan Trends and Approaches – III

Policy Perspectives, Volume 8 , Number 2, July – December 2011

IPS Task Force·



[The survey of legislative proposals and enactments in the current parliament of Pakistan shows a concern of legislators about the status of women in the country but this concern lacks a clear understanding of issues as well as the commitment required to achieve the objective. Amendments made and proposed in criminal laws indicate that substantial as well as procedural aspects of these laws still have room to be sensitized towards the problems faced by women in view of evolving social behaviors and routine judicial procedures. Criminal activities should be dealt with sternly and effectively but real change can only be brought about through improvement in public mindset and social conduct. – Author.]


  • · IPS Task Force comprised of Akseer Ahmad Abbasi Advocate, Amir Abdullah Advocate, Asifa Imdad Advocate, Asma Mushtaq Advocate, Professor Habib-ur-Rahman Asim, Khalid Rahman (Chair), Maroona Nazir Advocate, Nadeem Farhat Geelani Advocate, Nadia Khadam Advocate, Saleem Raza Advocate, Sammar Javed (coordinator), Sehrish Saba Advocate, and Zafar-ul-Hasan Joya Advocate. Research and preparation of this document has been made by Nadeem Farhat Geelani.

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