Kamyab Zindagi

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Kamyab Zindagi

by Khalid Rahman


Pages: 216 (Hardback and soft binding) 
Price: Hardback:   PKR600 (Pakistan), Softback:    PKR500 (Pakistan)  

Publishing Date:  2013








About the Book

While walking on the path of life, every moment unfolds a new scene… and every scene is filled with many a thought-provoking facets. However, the fast pace of life and these rapidly moving scenes keep most of us too busy to really ponder on these valuable facets of the moments of our life’s journey. Indeed, those who are able to find this opportunity their perspectives regarding life and the subsequent behaviors change positively. This is thus one of the basic conditions for a successful life and an important element for personal development. There is no doubt that the issues and challenges we are faced with today are all essentially linked to human behaviors.

Kamiyab Zindagi is all about changing behavior and developing personality. Learning through events we witness ourselves and which we hear from others to which we are part of … and those which we come across while going through history or regular readings. They give a special dimension to our thoughts and happenings in the perspective of time and individual and collective behaviors.

The articles collected in Kamiyab Zindagi are basically those short speeches of Khalid Rahman, Director General, Institute of Policy Studies, Islamabad, that were prepared for ‘Raushni’, his program in Radio Pakistan. 

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