IPS hosts Lectures of international scholar

IPS hosts Lectures of international scholar

Accepting an invitation from IPS, renowned scholar of Islamic economics, Dr. M. Umer Chapra, visited Pakistan from May 23 to June 4. A Senior Advisor at the Islamic Research and Training Institute of the Islamic Development Bank, Dr. Chapra has authored more than 10 books on various aspects of Islamic economics and taught economics in different capacities at the Universities of Wisconsin (Platteville), Kentucky and Lexington. His services to Islamic economics earned him the prestigious King Faisal Prize in 1989. Dr. Chapra’s visit plan aimed at providing maximum opportunity to local stakeholders, planners and policymakers, academics, business and finance professionals, students and ulema, among others, to benefit from his insights.

Among various other events, IPS also arranged a special three-day interaction for Dr. Chapra with ulema from Rawalpindi and Islamabad-based madaris on ‘Islam and Modern Day Economic Challenges’, which resulted in the formation of an ulema’s Working Group on Islam and Contemporary Issues.

In addition, Dr. Chapra lectured at the International Institute of Islamic Economics (IIIE), International Islamic University, Riphah University and University of Management and Technology, Lahore. He visited Jamea Faridia, an Islamabad-Jamea Faridia, an Islamabad-based seminary, and was interviewed by Pakistan Television (PTV).

International relations discussed with Chinese delegations
Afour-member delegation of China Institute of Contemporary International Relations (CICIR) led by Mr. Wang Zaibang, Vice President CICIR, visited IPS on May 11. A roundtable discussion was organized on the occasion.

    A five-member delegation of Chinese Peoples Association for Peace and Disarmament (CPAPD) accompanied by Dr. S. M. Rahman, Secretary General, Foundation for Research on International Environment, National Development and Security (FRIENDS), visited IPS on May 18.  A presentation was made on “NGOs in Pakistan” by IPS DG Khalid Rahman, followed by discussion Mr. Aftab Iqbal of Strengthening Participatory Organization (SPO) was also present to interact with guests on the subject.

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