Contributions for Policy Perspectives – Guidelines

Contributions for Policy Perspectives – Guidelines

Contributions for Policy Perspectives

Policy Perspectives welcomes policy-oriented contributions from interested scholars, academics, practitioners, faculty and students on the issues of national and international significance. The contributions are accepted for publication after a thorough process of internal and Peer Reviews. We prefer that ideas/abstracts are shared before submitting the manuscript. While submitting a manuscript, please follow these guidelines:

·         The article is an original contribution; complying fully with the internationally followed copyright and ethical standards.
·         Manuscript is ideally around 5000 words.
·         An abstract of about 150 word is included.
·         The piece is written using the American English.
·         Chicago Manual of Style (16th Edition, Notes and Bibliography) is followed for citations and referencing.
·         Please provide all the tables, charts, graphs, and figures included in the manuscript in an editable, MS Word form.

The editors reserve the right to make modifications and editorial changes in the interest of space, brevity, comprehension and/or any other reasons deemed necessary. The published may consider providing a token honorarium for the accepted contributions. The review process may take 6 to 8 weeks.

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