Changing World, Challenges and the China Model

Changing World, Challenges and the China Model

Policy Perspectives, Volume 8 , Number 2, July – December 2011

Khalid Rahman* 


[While the world has seen some positive changes and reformations in past few decades, grave asymmetries of power, influence and wealth, between and within countries, remain there. Even the decision making power in global security and financial apparatus is skewed clearly in favor of the dominant powers. This scenario presents not only a challenge, but an opportunity for change in the global paradigm as well. China, with its undeniable and continuously growing significance as a major economic and political power, is in a position to play a role to transform this customary paradigm into a more just and equitable one. The situation has provided two conflicting opportunities for China i.e. either, owing to its now increasing stakes in the present system; it plays a protective role for it to continue to benefit from it or to play a proactive role in challenging the paradigm on which the present system is based. – Eds.]


* Khalid Rahman is Director General, Institute of Policy Studies, Islamabad.

An abridged version of this paper was presented at the conference “The Changing World and China” held in Beijing by China Institute of Contemporary International Relations, September 3-5, 2010.

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