‘Be Your Best’ – Team Development Program

‘Be Your Best’ – Team Development Program

“You are the average of five people you spend the most time with. Spending time with good people instills positivity. It is unanimously accepted that success breeds success, and this means that the more you keep the company of successful people, the greater the chances for you to unlock the doors of success for yourself.”

These thoughts were shared by renowned training and development expert Sardar Khalid Mahmood. He was speaking at a session titled ‘Be Your Best’ which was held as part of IPS’ Team Development Program on October 09, 2017.

He told the participants that in order to be their best, they must learn to master the art of managing their weaknesses and excelling in their strengths. He urged them to be appreciative, to develop an attitude of gratitude, to avoid jealousy, to focus on building strong and lasting relationships, to stop imposing others’ weaknesses on themselves and to keep crediting positive things to their emotional account while debiting all the negatives from it simultaneously.

The speaker also advised the participants to develop the habit of listening and reading, terming both activities the basic ingredients of success in the modern times.

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