PP-April 2004


  1. The challenge of Global Capitalism: An Islamic perspective
    1. Khurshid Ahmad

  2. Imperialism today
    1. Roger van Zwanenberg

  3. Emerging counter forces to US Unilateralism: Response of the Muslim World
    1. Khalid Rahman

  4. Global peace and justice: An Islamic perspective
    1. Anis Ahmad

  5. Pakistan-China relations in the 21st Century: Regional situation, security, economic & trade cooperation
    1. An IPS Study

  6. Islam in America: A brief overview and some prospects for resurgence
    1. Kemal Argon

  7. Foundation of a family: Importance, obstacles and possible solutions
    1. Nasreen Ahsan and Hafsa Ahsan

  8. Pakistan economy: Continuity or change
    1. Syed Nawab Haider Naqv

  9. Northern Areas – Facts, problems & recommendations  
    1. An IPS Task Force Report

  10. A Glimpse of IPS research

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