Afghanistan and Regional Security: Implications for China

Afghanistan and Regional Security: Implications for China

Policy Perspectives, Volume 8 , Number 2, July – December 2011

Zeng Xiangyu*


[The United States is going to start off the well-publicized withdrawal of coalition forces from Afghanistan. This will signify a major shift of US strategic designs in the region: from short-time tactical operation to long-term strategic presence. The US forces in Afghanistan will likely be further reduced in due time, but the US efforts for transforming Afghanistan into a strategic stronghold will be enhanced. Such a shift will undoubtedly bring about a major implication for China, as a neutral and stable Afghanistan is in its interest. It is thus recommended to make joint efforts with like-minded countries to prevent Afghanistan from sliding into chaos and thus jeopardizing China, and to prevent the perpetualization of US strategic presence in Afghanistan. – Author]

*Dr. Zeng Xiangyu is Research Assistant at the Institute of South Asian Studies, Sichuan Univeristy, Chengdu, Sichuan, China. The views expressed in this paper presented at conference “60 Years of Pak-China Relations: Landmarks, trends and approaches” organized by IPS on April 10-11, 2011 are those of the author and do not reflect those of the Institute of South Asian Studies.

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